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Make a Pledge: Take Action

I Pledge To:

Front up to end bullying

Respect everyone

Offer support to others

Notify a trusted person when needed

Treat others with kindness

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Minors (under 16): Parental approval for child's pledge and image to be shared on social media

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Pledge Count = 25

Megan, Figure Skating (United Kingdom); Viren (India); Aman, Basketball (India); Mohammed, Cricket (India); Celeste, Speed Skating (Australia); Mia, Figure Skating (United Kingdom); Tong, Pole Dancing (Australia); Saffron, Short Track Speed Skating (Australia); Joel, Table Tennis (India); Zara, Figure Skating (Ireland/Northern Ireland); Luke, Long Track Speed Skating (Australia); Bruno, Figure Skating (USA); Elias, Figure Skating (USA); Christine, Figure Skating (Germany); Sophia, Golf (Scotland); Ella, Horse Riding (United Kingdom); Gemma, Figure Skating (Northern Ireland); Atlas Yankı, Figure Skating (Turkey); Scarlett, Figure Skating (USA); Rory & Ivy, Figure Skating (UK); Alli Kymmell, Figure Skating (USA); Ellie, Figure Skating (UK); St Helens Bees Netball Club, Netball (UK); Charlie, Figure Skating (UK); Amanda, Para Ice Hockey (Canada);

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